Parish Council

A New Moveable Speed Indicator Device for Shorne?

Shorne Parish Council is planning to invest in a moveable speed indicator device (SID) which will be moved between fixed locations in Tanyard Hill, Pear Tree Lane, and Thong Lane, Thong.  The SID, which is similar to the one used in Cobham and Sole Street, displays the speed of approaching vehicles, with the aim of educating drivers and encouraging them to drive within the 30 mph speed limit.  The SID also provides valuable data regarding traffic volumes, average speeds, maximum speeds, etc.

We have letter-dropped to seek the views of occupiers of properties up to 100 metres either side of the proposed SID locations, but all residents of Shorne (and Thong) are welcome to have their say.  You can find further details and a consultation form at

Alternatively, you can clicked here:  SID Consultation