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Consultation – Speed Indicator Device


(Please note that this consultation is now closed.)


As reported in the March edition of the Parish Magazine and in the Annual Report recently delivered to homes in the parish, Shorne Parish Council is planning to invest in a community Speed Indicator Device (SID), which will be periodically installed at three fixed locations within the parish.

The SID is similar to one used in Cobham and Sole Street, and other locations around Kent.  The SID is not a speed camera.  Its purpose is to give approaching vehicles an accurate visual indication of their speed, in order to educate them and encourage drivers to remain within the speed limit.

It also provides valuable data, such as traffic volumes, average speeds, maximum speeds, etc, although it does not identify individual vehicles or record vehicle registration numbers. The SID is also sufficiently accurate to be used by our local Speedwatch volunteers.

The Scheme

The scheme involves the permanent installation of a galvanised steel post complete with mounting brackets at each of the three locations. The brackets enable the SID to face in either direction, which provides a total of six SID positions. At approximately monthly intervals, the SID will be moved to a new position. This may be by rotating the SID to face in the opposite direction, or by relocating the SID to another post. These operations will be carried out by volunteers, as will periodic battery replacement.

Proposed Locations

SIDs are only suitable for use on roads with a 30 mph speed limit. The three locations selected for the permanently-fixed posts are at locations where it is known that a relatively high proportion of vehicles exceed the speed limit. By periodically positioning the SID at these locations, it is hoped that this will help to educate drivers and calm traffic. The three proposed locations are:

1. The lower end of Tanyard Hill, on the grass verge in the vicinity of Longmead and Tanshaw.

2. Pear Tree Lane, on the grass verge at the corner of Bowesden Lane outside Rose Cottage.

3. Thong Lane, Thong, on the verge outside Cheneys Farm Barns.

The maps below show the approximate locations, although the exact locations will be determined on site by Kent County Council to avoid underground services, not to obstruct access to properties, and to comply with highway regulations.

Tanyard Hill

Pear Tree Lane

Thong Lane, Thong

Larger scale versions of these maps can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the boxes here:



Types of SID


With regards to the type of SID selected, we have two options. The ‘standard’ mini SID just displays the speed of approaching vehicles. It is relatively compact and easily portable, weighing 8 kg plus a 4 kg battery. This is the Parish Council’s preferred option.








The ‘advanced’ SID displays the speed of approaching vehicles, and displays a ‘Slow Down’ message to vehicles exceeding the speed limit.  This is significantly larger, and much heavier, weighing 12 kg plus a 12 kg battery.  It is also more expensive.

The Cost

The cost of supplying and installing the ‘standard’ mini SID, complete with spare battery, data collection facility, and three posts with brackets installed by KCC, will be £8,029.

The cost of supplying and installing the larger ‘advanced’ SID, complete with spare battery, data collection facility, and three posts with brackets installed by KCC, will be £8,269.

The Parish Council would apply for a grant towards the cost of obtaining the SID, and Kent County Councillor Bryan Sweetland has indicated that he is prepared to consider granting up to £3,000 from his Member’s Grant Allowance towards the scheme.

There will be ongoing costs for insurance, maintenance, battery replacement, etc, which would need to be budgeted for in our annual precept.

How to Respond

Before Shorne Parish Council makes a final decision, we would like to hear your views. You can let us know by one of the following methods:

1. By completing the attached form and returning it to us by hand or by post to:

         SID Consultation
         Shorne Parish Council
         c/o Shorne Village Hall
         The Street
         DA12 3EA

2. By completing the attached form and returning it to us by email to:

3. Or by letting us know your views by writing to us at either of the above addresses.

The consultation form can be downloaded by clicking on the boxes here:



If you wish to participate in this consultation or let us know your views, please respond by midnight on Friday 13th September 2019.  (Please note this consultation is now closed.)

We will not be holding any specific public information events, but the proposal will be included on the agenda at the Parish Council Meeting to be held at Shorne Village Hall at 7.45pm on Thursday 5th September. Residents are welcome to attend.


Tanyard Hill map:

Pear Tree Lane map:

Thong Lane map:

Consultation form: