Parish Council

Lower Thames Crossing Helicopter Surveys June 2018

Lower Thames Crossing are planning to undertake Aerial LiDAR (Light, Detection & Ranging) Surveys, week commencing 11 June. This will involve a helicopter flying over local areas for three days along the proposed LTC route corridor – this will include areas outside of the development line boundary. The aerial surveys are required to provide information which will help with the development of the detailed route design. The helicopter will be flying approximately 260m above the ground at a speed of approximately 60kts (69mph) whilst capturing data.

Following the aerial survey, there will be an approximate three week duration in which surveyors will use non-intrusive survey equipment to validate the survey accuracy of the LiDAR point cloud and review against Ground Control Points. These locations (such as corners or existing manholes) will be accessible to the surveyors from public areas and as a result, the surveyors will spend only a short amount of time at a Ground Control Point location.

The above planned LiDAR survey is subject to suitable weather conditions and the programmed survey date is subject to change.