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Highways England are carrying out a supplementary consultation on the revised plans for the proposed Lower Thames Crossing.  It runs from 29th January to 25th March 2020.

An initial review of of the consultation documents suggests that there appear to be significant changes south of the river.

The tunnel has been extended south by 350 metres. The ‘green’ overbridge at Thong Lane has been widened.  This has allowed changes to the footpaths, without the need for a separate high-level bridge, or a series of underpasses under the slip roads at the junction.

The A2 junction is more compact. There is now direct access from Valley Drive to the M2 eastbound, although it appears that traffic from Gravesend East to the A289 Wainscott Bypass or the A2 to Strood will still need to use the link road to Brewers Road. Traffic lights have been introduced at Brewers Road.

The eastbound link between the A2 and M2 at junction 1 has been removed. This means there will no direct access from Brewers Road to the M2. Access to the M2 from Brewers Road will via the A289 Wainscott Bypass to the A226 and then returning along the A289.

Westbound traffic will no longer be able to exit from the A2 or M2 at Halfpence Lane – it will continue westbound to a new exit near the site of the current Esso Service Station and return to Halfpence Lane via the link road.

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