Parish Council


As notified previously, the Highways England (HE) Lower Thames Crossing Statutory Consultation has been launched today (10th October 2018) and will run for 10 weeks until 20th December.

Some of the significant changes that have been made since the previous consultation are:
– Extending the tunnel around 600m, bringing the entrance south of the A226
– Reconfiguring (meaning greatly expanding) the A2 junction
– Widening of the A2 between the proposed LTC junction and junction 1 of the M2 (including additional feeder roads running alongside on both sides)

The Parish Council suggests that you should read the documents carefully and visit one of HE’s public information events, where you can ask HE staff questions and give them your views in person, before responding with your opinions:  These proposals will significantly affect all residents of Shorne Parish personally and will permanently change our local area and environment.

The Parish Council will provide further information once we have been able to study all the documents ourselves.

The dates and locations of the HE public information events to be held locally are: Shorne Village Hall on Saturday 3rd November (midday to 6pm); Bluewater 20th October (9am-9pm) and 21st October (11am-5pm; Cascades 1st November (2pm-9pm); and Gravesham Civic Centre on 21st November (2pm-9pm).

The many documents included in the consultation can be found on-line at