Parish Council

Mobile Phone Mast – January 2020 Update

Galliford Try, acting on behalf of Cornerstone Telecommunications, has now written to Shorne Parish Council formally requesting to enter into negotiations to reach a consensual agreement to establish the base station on Shorne Common.

The Parish Council has previously informed them that, whilst we recognise the need to improve mobile phone coverage in Shorne, we consider that their proposal to install a 25 metre lattice tower on Shorne Common is insensitive and inappropriate, and they should look at alternative solutions.  They have ignored this.

Since the land was granted to the Parish Council in trust for the specific purpose of providing a recreation ground for the benefit of the inhabitants of the parish, we do not consider that it is appropriate to enter into negotiations without the consensus of the inhabitants of the parish.  In view of their refusal to carry out a local consultation to seek the views of residents, the Parish Council will carry out its own consultation.

However, we should be under no illusion – it is very likely that they will seek a court order to impose an ageement on us, irrespective of the views of residents and irrespective of ownership of the land. 

This is the power they have under the terms of The Electronic Communications Code in Schedule 3a of The Communications Act.

The Parish Council is seeking legal advice.

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