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Shorne Volunteers

Join Our Team of Volunteers!

You can help to keep Shorne a pleasant place to live by joining one of our volunteer teams.

Litter Patrol Volunteers help to keep Shorne looking neat and tidy by supplementing the street cleaning activities carried out by Gravesham Borough Council.  Our volunteers focus on the ‘soft verge’ roads through the village, picking up cans, bottles, and other litter thrown out by inconsiderate drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.  Litter Patrols are not hard work, in fact most participants find them very enjoyable. Our Litter Patrols generally last about 2 hours, working in small teams of 2 to 4 people, and where possible we try to allocate you to a team in your own neighbourhood.  We usually carry out two organised litter patrols a year, in Spring and Autumn, as well as the occasional ad-hoc clean-up.

To download more information about Litter Patrols, click here.

Speed Watch Volunteers work in partnership with Kent Police by monitoring and discouraging excessive speed through the village, and help to make Shorne a safer place to live.  Shorne Parish Council now owns its own Speed Watch equipment, and the Speed Watch Team would welcome any new volunteers – there’s no obligation to do any fixed times, it’s just whenever somebody has an hour or so free. 

We would welcome any support to help keep the village looking its best.  Is there any other service you might be able to offer?

If you would like to register for any of the above, or would like further information, please email  or give Bob Lane a call on 01474 822680.