Parish Council

SID Traffic Data Published

Shorne Parish Council operates a speed indicator device (SID), which is periodically moved between fixed locations at Pear Tree Lane, Tanyard Hill, and Thong.

It is set to display information to oncoming traffic to help educate and inform drivers. It displays the speed of vehicles travelling between 27 mph and 30 mph. For vehicles travelling over 30 mph and up to 40 mph, it displays a “Slow Down” message in addition to the vehicle speed. For vehicles travelling above 40 mph, it displays the “Slow Down” message only.  The SID records data regarding traffic volumes and vehicle speeds by the hour, day, week, etc, and we are able to analyse the data in detail.

Summaries of the data collected can be found in the “SID Traffic Data” category on the right hand side of this website, or accessed directly at: