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Welcome to Shorne Parish Council. 

This website provides residents and those interested in our Parish’s activities with the most up to date information on local news and issues affecting our community.

Parishioners are welcome to get in touch with the Parish Clerk or individual Councillors, through the contact details provided on this website, on any matters of concern or where advice or assistance is required.

Lower Thames Crossing Community Impacts Consultation

Highways England carried out a Community Impacts Consultation, as they prepare to submit their application for a Development Consent Order later this year.  The consultation gave people the opportunity to review and comment on their plans to build and operate the Lower Thames Crossing, and how they propose to reduce our impact on the local community and environment. Topics included changes to traffic, air quality, noise and vibration, as well as the impact of the new crossing on the environment and landscape.  The consultation ran from 14 July to 8 September 2021.  You can read Shorne Parish Council’s response to the consultation by clicking on the link below.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautions

The rate of COVID-19 infections still remains quite high, although it appears that the vaccination programme has helped to keep hospitalisation and mortality rates relatively low.  But parishioners are encouraged to remain vigilant and continue to respect the rules and social distancing guidelines.  Residents are advised to stay up to date and continue to follow the latest precautions published at and government advice published at

If you are able to, please support those more vulnerable residents who may be housebound or unable to collect their prescriptions or get to the shops.