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20 mph Zone Consultation Report

Shorne Parish Council has now carried out an ‘informal’ consultation on our proposals for a 20 mph zone through the centre of Shorne, from a point in Tanyard Hill just south of Court Lodge, to point in Forge Lane just north of Malthouse Lane, to include all roads and cul-de-sacs leading off.  It also proposes creating a 30 mph speed limit in Mill Hill Lane, to act as a buffer zone between the national speed limit in Shorne Ifield Road and the 20 mph zone in Crown Lane.  A map showing the proposed extent of the speed restrictions is attached below, as is a summary of the responses received. Hard copies of the consultation documentation were delivered to all households located within the proposed 20 mph zone and the 30 mph buffer zone (a total of 221 properties) plus a further 13 households just outside the limits of the zone.  In addition, the consultation was publicised in the parish magazine, on the village notice boards, and on local social media, with links to the consultation page on the parish council website at  The consultation ran for an 8-week period from 10th June to 31st July 2022. The proposals received very strong support.  The results can be briefly summarised as follows: . . . . . . . . . . Question 1 asked:  Do you agree with Shorne Parish Council’s proposal to establish a 20 mph zone through the centre of Shorne Village, to include all the roads leading from The Street and Forge Lane? A total of 43 responses were received.  41 respondents (95%) agreed or strongly agreed with the proposal.  2 respondents disagreed. . . . . . . . . . . Question 2 asked:  Do you agree with Shorne Parish Council’s proposed location of the … Read more


(THIS CONSULTATION IS NOW CLOSED.) Kent County Council (KCC) has agreed in principle to Shorne Parish Council’s proposal for a 20 mph scheme in the centre of Shorne village, subject to favourable consultation responses. The final design needs to be approved by KCC, but we have been requested to carry out an informal consultation, based on our suggested design.  If there is sufficient support, then KCC will carry out a final design and a formal consultation.  We would like to receive your support for our proposal. The Scheme We are requesting a 20 mph zone, from the bottom of Tanyard Hill just south of the entrance to Court Lodge (probably somewhere near the existing ‘School’ sign), through the whole of The Street, to a point in Forge Lane just to the north of Malthouse Lane (probably somewhere near the existing “School”/ Z bend sign). The advantage of a 20 mph zone rather than a 20 mph speed limit is that it would also apply to every road leading off, including Court Lodge, Swillers Lane, Butchers Hill, Manor Field, Crown Lane, Cob Drive, Malthouse Lane, as well as Hollands Close, Warren View, and Crown Green. At the same time, we would also like to see the speed limit in Mill Hill Lane reduced to 30 mph to act as a buffer before entering the 20 mph zone at its junction with Crown Lane, to match the existing 30 mph limit in Tanyard Hill and in Forge Lane (which will be extended down to the A226 as part of a separate scheme.). A labelled map of the proposed extent of the 20 mph zone is shown below, together with impressions of how the approach thresholds may appear.     Consultation We hope that you support our proposals.  If we get sufficient support, we … Read more


Shorne Parish Council is considering the feasibility and affordability of refurbishing the brick-built, semi-enclosed bus shelters on either side of Shorne Crossroads. The bus shelters are between 60 and 70 years old, and due to their semi-enclosed design, they suffer from misuse, and it is not easy for waiting passengers to see buses approaching, or vice-versa.  The misuse deters people from using the shelters, and costs money to put right. One of the options we are considering is to widen the opening at the front of the shelters, to reduce opportunities for misuse and to improve visibility.  At the same time, we would carry out general refurbishment of the shelters. A second option would be to block off the alcoves on either side of the shelters.  Again this would reduce opportunities for misuse, but it would also reduce the internal waiting area to around 6 feet wide.  Again, we would carry out refurbishment of the shelters. However, either option is likely to be expensive and require grant support, and feedback recently obtained from Arriva Buses suggests that not many people use these bus stops.  If the bus shelters are rarely used, it would be difficult to justify spending significant sums of money on them, or even keeping them. We therefore need to establish how much our local residents value and depend on these bus shelters, and to take account of residents’ views before we make our final decision. We are inviting residents of Shorne to let us know their views.  You can let us know by completing one of the forms below and returning it to us not later than Sunday 3rd July 2022.  (THIS CONSULTATION IS NOW CLOSED.) To download a Word version of the form, click here:   Questionnaire Form (Word) To download a PDF version of the form, … Read more

Children’s Play Area – Let us know your views

Introduction Shorne Parish Council is proposing to carry out a modest upgrade to the children’s play area on Shorne Common.  Although it will not be huge new play area, it will be a significant investment for the parish, and it’s important we get it right, so we are inviting residents of Shorne to let us know their views. If your children or grandchildren use the play area, or are likely to make use of it in the future, we would very much appreciate you taking the time to respond to us by emailing us your support to:  The more positive responses we receive, the better our chances of securing grant funding. Please take a little time to read this as it is intended to give you a bit of background and an idea of our initial proposals. Location and description of the children’s play area Shorne Play Area is situated on Shorne Common at the top of Mill Hill Lane in Shorne.  It can be reached on foot from the village centre via Butchers Hill.  There is a small parking area adjacent to the common. The play equipment is set in a pleasant green surrounded by mature trees.  There are bench seats available, and beautiful woodland walks nearby. The play area is open to all residents during daylight hours. A location map is show below. Why do we want to upgrade the play equipment? The existing play equipment was obtained second-hand from Gravesham Borough Council  approximately 25 years ago.  It consists of a toddlers’ slide and a toddlers’ cradle swing.  Although well used and well maintained, the two items of equipment are not compliant with modern standards, and cannot easily be modernised. The annual inspection reports regularly highlight the following deficiencies: The timber steps on the slide do not … Read more