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Lorry Watch

Shorne Lorry Watch Scheme

Vehicles wider than 6’6” (2 metres) are prohibited from entering Shorne village except to gain lawful access to locations within the zone.  The prohibited zone extends from the junction of Park Pale in Brewers Road to the south, to the Pear Tree Lane and Forge Lane junctions with the A226 Gravesend Road in the north, and of course all roads leading from them.  The same width restriction also applies to Thong Lane between the A2 and Vigilant Way. 

In addition, vehicles weighing more than 7.5 tonnes are prohibited from using Green Farm Lane except for lawful access.

In order to deter drivers of non-compliant vehicles from disregarding the prohibitions, Shorne Parish Council operates a passive Lorry Watch scheme, and invites residents to report any non-compliant company vehicles observed to the Council.  On receipt of the required information, the Council will contact the company concerned to ask why the offending vehicle was in the restricted zone, and if they had no valid reason, what action they intend to take to avoid any repetition.  Where appropriate, the Council will also report the incident to Police.

In order to be effective, it is essential that the following information is recorded:

  • The vehicle registration number;
  • The Company name;
  • Where the vehicle was seen;
  • The date, and approximate time. 

Without this information, the Parish Council will be unable to act.

Additional information, such as a description of the vehicle (eg skip lorry, pick-up truck, tanker, articulated lorry, etc), any phone numbers, email addresses, or company addresses, and any other relevant information that would help identify and contact the owner of the vehicle would also be useful.

You can report any oversize or overweight vehicles you see disregarding the restrictions by email to

Do not follow any vehicle, or approach the driver.  Your safety is paramount at all times.


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