Parish Council

Shorne Play Area

Shorne Play Area is situated on Shorne Common at the top of Mill Hill Lane in Shorne.  It can be reached on foot from the village centre via Butchers Hill.  There is a small parking area adjacent to the common.

The play area consists of a toddlers cradle swing and a toddlers slide, set in a pleasant green surrounded by mature trees.  There are bench seats available, and beautiful woodland walks nearby.

The play area is open to all residents during daylight hours.

The Parish Council is exploring options to upgrade the play equipment in the coming months, to provide appeal to a wider age range, from 1+ to 7 years old, and to enable more than 2 or 3 children to take part at the same time.  We also hope to be able to dispense with the bark surface and install modern safety surfacing.  The Parish Council is currently seeking grant funding to help with this upgrading.