Parish Council

Shorne Crossroads Update

Parish Councillors attended and took part in the Gravesham Joint Transport Board meeting at the Civic Centre on 29th May 2024, when the situation at Shorne Crossroads was discussed by Members and Officers of Kent County Council and Gravesham Borough Council.  KCC is currently planning new signage as a result of their Crash Remedial Measures review which they had already instigated before the tragic fatality in February, and will now be engaging consultants to advise on further measures. We made it clear that the proposed new signage does not go far enough, and we are looking for speed limit reductions as well as traffic signals to make it safer for pedestrians and drivers alike. There was support for action from Kent and Gravesham Councillors from both parties – but we must remember that they do not have the power to make a decision, that is for KCC as the Highways Authority.  And money will be a factor – any major changes will cost many thousands of pounds.  But it was agreed that the consultants will liaise with the Parish Council on this matter, and this will remain on the JTB agenda for future updates and progress reports. Papers discussed at the meeting can be found here: