Parish Council

Local Organisations & Contacts

FLY-TIPPING.  To report fly-tipping to Gravesham Borough Council, press here

FOOTPATHS.  To report a problem with a public footpath or bridleway to KCC, press here

POLICE.  Details can be found on our Police and Community Warden page here

SHORNE VILLAGE HALL.  Information and contact details can be found here

DICKENS COUNTRY PROTECTION SOCIETY.  The DCPS website can be accessed here

EARLY RETIREMENT CLUB.  Contact Mr Philip Mansfield, Tel: 01634 717823

GARDEN SOCIETY.  Contact Mr D Baker (Chairman) Tel: 01634 710169, or Mrs M Morten Tel: 01474 822522

LOCAL HISTORY GROUP.  Contact Leanne Hornby, Tel: 01474 822272, email

SCOUTS, CUBS, BEAVERS & EXPLORERS.  (Covering 6-18 years)  Contact Chris Zgoda (Group Scout Leader) Tel: 07921 106122, email

SHORNE ACTIVE RETIREMENT ASSOCIATION (ShornARA).  The ShornARA website can be found here

SHORNE & THONG WOMENS INSTITUTE. Julie Aspinall (President) Tel: 01474 825046.  Secretaries: Catrin Board & Maggie Harris Tel: 01474 822848

SHORNE FLOWER ARRANGERS.  Mrs Sheila Williams (Chairman) Tel: 01474 353405.  Mrs Jean Cooke (Treasurer) Tel: 01474 322767

SHORNE VILLAGE SHORT MAT BOWLS.  David Coppock (Chairman) Tel: 01474 322164.  Penny Edwards (Secretary) Tel: 01474 822076